How I’ve Started Writing Every Day

A 2015 calendar with happy-face stickers on the first 23 days of the year

Everyone has seen the advice that writers should write every day. I’ve never believed that taking a day off here and there is as much of a sin as a lot writers seem to think. But then again, I’ve also never been as productive (or as published) as those writers who say you need to write every day. This year I have finally buckled down to the resolution of writing at least 500 words every day. So far every day of 2015 I have written at least 500 words. I know we’re only 24 days into the new year, but I want to share how I’ve managed to do this so far. My #amwriting productivity methods include: chocolate, #JanWritingChallenge, @veschwab‘s sticker method, @jamieraintree‘s spreadsheet… — Stephanie (@stephanie_cain) January 24, 2015 I tweeted this yesterday, and a few people have favorited or retweeted … Continue reading

Stormshadow Amazon Countdown Sale

As a mid-winter gift to my readers, I’ve set up an Amazon Countdown deal that started this morning! Right now the price of the Stormshadow ebook is $0.99, and that price will last until tomorrow at 7 pm EST. The price will go to $1.99 at that time, and it’ll stay $1.99 until December 21 at midnight PST. This is a great time to buy Stormshadow on Amazon! As a side note, I told my newsletter subscribers about this deal several hours ago. If you subscribe to my newsletter, not only do you get a free digital copy of Stormshadow, but you also get advance notice of stuff like this! In fact, in that same email, newsletter subscribers got a surprise sneak peek at a scene snippet from Stormseer! Membership has its privileges. ;)   … Continue reading

What to Get a Self-Published Author for Christmas

A pile of brightly-wrapped Christmas presents

Are you shopping for a self-published author? Are you tired of giving them notebooks and pens for Christmas? (Hint: You shouldn’t be.) Do you want something more meaningful or significant than yet another book on how to market your novel? Then you’re at the right blog! I have a list of fantastic suggestions for you! Buy their book. This is the best present you can give a self-published author. If you’ve already bought yourself a copy, consider buying a copy for a friend. Review their book. If you’ve read the book but haven’t reviewed it, drop everything and review it on Amazon and Goodreads right now. It’s okay. I’ll wait. Professional head shots. Are they using a Photoshopped selfie on their website? Do they have professional head shots that are five years old? Consider buying time with a talented local photographer. For the modern … Continue reading

Book Review: Book Marketing Is Dead

Cover of book titled Book Marketing Is Dead by Derek Murphy

How do you market a self-published book into a best-seller? Start with the absolute best book you can produce. This isn’t really a new idea–marketing experts have long been touting the importance of having a good cover design, professional editing, and excellent back copy–but it doesn’t end there. Author Derek Murphy starts out Book Marketing Is Dead by covering some of the basics, and then adds a number of things an indie author should do before a book launch. A lot of book marketing experts tell you how important author platform is and emphasize the importance of building an email list. That’s great–for nonfiction writers. For fiction writers like me, a little more advice is needed. After all, how do you build a platform to prove you tell good stories? Thankfully, this book tries to fill this void in the book-marketing world. … Continue reading

Small Business Saturday 2014

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday, and I’m excited to be part of a great event in downtown Lafayette today! My friend Laura VanArendonk Baugh will also be participating, along with several other fantastic authors. Robots & Rogues is my favorite indie bookstore, and I’m sure they’ll have something for everyone on your Christmas list, so be ready to buy all kinds of books and #ShopSmall! What: Small Business Saturday When: Saturday, November 29, 10 am – 8 pm (I’ll be there 10 – 3) Where: Robots & Rogues New and Used Books, 531 Main St., Lafayette, IN 47901 Why: Because you love books and authors! I’ll be signing copies of Stormshadow and Sow the Wind, as well as hanging out with authors Rose Streif, Stephen L. Moss, Jen Tucker, Jeff Seymour, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Gary Buettner, and … Continue reading


Event Added: Allen County Public Library Author Fair

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be participating in Allen County Public Library’s 2014 Author Fair this November! If you live near Fort Wayne, this is a great chance to come see me and other authors, buy signed copies of our books, and sit in on panel discussions! Laura VanArendonk Baugh and I will be participating in the “Reach Your Readers: How to Survive and Thrive in the World of Self- and E-Publishing” panel at 2 pm. I think this event will be a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll come see us!


Self-Pub 101: Interview with Laura VanArendonk Baugh

kitsune by chris gladis

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted! The museum where I work has its most important annual fundraiser in late August, and I got sick two days before the fundraiser and spent the next two weeks recovering. Summer colds are the worst, especially if you get completely soaked and walk around in wet socks for several hours! Because I’m totally behind on my blog posts, I decided to pawn some of the work off on a friend. :) Today I present a short interview with Laura VanArendonk Baugh! Laura has written some fabulous books, both fiction (historical fantasy and cozy mystery) and non-fiction (dog training), and has had her story “And Only the Eyes of Children” published in World Weaver Press’ FAE, the anthology I recommended in my last blog post. Laura and I have been online friends for a couple of … Continue reading

Book Rec: FAE – anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish


Book reviews aren’t my mainstay here on the blog, but I like to tell people about books I enjoyed, and I have to say that FAE is one of my favorite reads this summer. I read it just after it released, and weeks later, some of the stories are still sticking with me. This was a well-selected collection of stories about the Fae, and it made me restless and twitchy in the best way possible–the way I always feel when I’m reading about the Fae, which means the authors collected here got it right. I honestly liked all of these stories. I buzzed through the anthology in two days, which is unusual for me with anthologies. I have a hard time with short stories, both reading them and writing them, so I don’t read too many anthologies in general. Two things worked … Continue reading

Self-Pub 101: Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Stephanie A. Cain signing books at Robots and Rogues Bookstore

Last week, as part of my continuing series Self-Pub 101, I wrote about some of the lessons I had learned during the process of self-publishing my fiction. This week I’m continuing with specifically the pricing and marketing lessons I’ve learned. (Warning: This is a Very Long Blog Post.) Pricing One of the best things about self-publishing your books is that you have a lot of control over the price. This is especially true with e-books, though it is true to an extent with all books. CreateSpace, for instance, won’t let you sell your books at a price that doesn’t cover the production cost. But they will let you sell the book at a price that covers production cost without turning you any profit, if you really want to. Indie authors can play with pricing as much as they want. When I … Continue reading

Epic fantasy novella Sow the Wind now available!

To Sow the Wind Cover Small

I’m pleased to announce that my epic fantasy novella Sow the Wind is now available for Amazon Kindle! I’ll also have print editions available soon. Synopsis Eighteen-year-old Gabriel Malnythe should be training for his inheritance as a warrior nobleman. Instead, he dreams of entering the clergy and devoting his life to philosophy. But fever takes the lives of his two brothers and Gabriel is pushed towards a decision he thought he could avoid. Should he accept his rightful place in the Elite Corps as one of Prince Justin’s guards and advisors? Or can he find a way to escape what others see as his duty? Each path demands a high price. If Gabriel refuses the Elite Corps, he may lose the Prince’s trust. But if he joins the Elite Corps, he fears he will lose himself. Click the cover to buy it! … Continue reading