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My current library haul of YA fantasy books

My current library haul of YA fantasy books

Two weeks ago I went to Midwest Writers Conference in Muncie, Indiana. It was an amazing time, and I need to do a proper conference writeup at some point soon, but I’ve been working my tail off since the conference, and in the best way possible. I’ve been reading. :)

After a brief conversation with a very insightful agent, I realized that a lot of what I write is really young adult fantasy, rather than adult fantasy. In particular, the project I’ve been working on, off and on, since 1990. As part of my homework, the agent gave me a list of books to read. I’m happy to say I’ve burned through most of those, plus some more.

What I’ve been reading lately:

Books I have yet to read:

Help me out!

Have you read any great young adult fantasy novels recently? My TBR list keeps getting longer, and I’m at the mercy of whatever books my libraries already own, but I’d love to hear some of your favorite recs!

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