NaNo Update, Day 7

15,537 / 50,000

Total Word Count: 15,537
Today’s Word Count: 3,240

I totally love Barnes & Noble.  I got more written in two hours in their cafe than I have any other day so far this month.  I now plan to spend every Sunday afternoon there, making up whatever ground I’ve lost during the week.  But I swear never again to drink as much coffee as I did today.  For one thing, two large mochas and one shortbread sugar cookie is not enough sustenance.  For another, that much coffee apparently does terrible things to my stomach, because when I got home after my worship meeting, I had to spend twenty minutes in the bathroom being miserable.  For yet another, who can afford two large mochas a week?  Those prices!  Eek!  I wish our Borders had a larger cafe where a person could actually get a table, because they have a WAY better Celtic Mythology section than B&N.  I went in with a $25 gift card, and ended up buying Mickey Zucker Reichart’s The Return of Nightfall, which has just come out in hardback, apparently.  I read The Legend of Nightfall eight years ago, and absolutely loved it, but had no idea she was planning a sequel.  Hoorah.  Then again, I’d planned to buy a book that complemented my novel research…but oh well, BN just didn’t have anything.

So anyway, it’s getting late, I have a long email I need to write before going to bed, and I have to get up early tomorrow because it’s a board meeting day with lots of things to accomplish before 5:30.

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