September Twitter Writing Challenge

IStormseer Acknowledgements to Twitter Writing Challenge friends‘ve written about the Monthly Twitter Writing Challenge before. It’s an amazing community of writers that has grown up around YA author Kristy Acevedo’s challenge to write 500 words or edit for 1 hour each day. People write in all genres, from memoir to historical to fantasy & science fiction. The positive energy and dedication to encouraging each other is amazing. It was a big part of why I wrote every day for the first 60-odd days of 2015.

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be leading the Twitter Writing Challenge in September. It’s easy to join–Tweet using the hashtag #SeptWritingChallenge and log your progress on the Participant Log (on Google Sheets). It’s as easy as that!

The best part of the Twitter Writing Challenge is the positivity. There’s no guilt if you miss a day (or six). If you’re writing, you can usually find someone to do word sprints with. If you’re editing, you can usually find someone who hates their novel more than you hate yours!

Seriously, though, there’s a LOT of encouragement and mutual support at the Twitter Writing Challenge. If you’re at all interested, please comment here with questions or catch me on Twitter.

[ctt title=”Need encouragement to write daily? Check out #SeptWritingChallenge led by @stephanie_cain” tweet=”Need encouragement to write daily? Check out #SeptWritingChallenge led by @stephanie_cain” coverup=”2L5dS”]

Participating in the Monthly Twitter Writing Challenge has also added a lot of books to my TBR list (or to my Eagerly Awaiting list, in the case of yet-to-be-released novels):

I can’t wait to read them!

Along with watching other people finish their books, I also finished my own novel Stormseer during the writing challenges of April and May. I couldn’t have done it without the daily encouragement and general awesomeness of the challenge people–and they got a shoutout in the acknowledgements of the novel.

It feels awesome to have made new friends and found my tribe on social media, and it’s amazing how much you look forward to the daily shout-out on Twitter after you complete your goal.


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