2012 Reading List

I always try to make my first post of the year my reading list for the year, so I can find it easily. Last year I read 77 books, 10 of which were nonfiction. I’m going to try to make that 15 nonfiction in the coming year.

2012 Reading List

  1. The Body Finder – Kimberly Derting
  2. Kitty’s Greatest Hits – Carrie Vaughn
  3. Chalice – Robin McKinley
  4. Phoenix Dance – Dia Calhoun
  5. Dragon Age: The Calling – David Gaider
  6. A Long Long Sleep – Anna Sheehan
  7. The Ghost and the Goth – Stacey Kade
  8. Beauty – Robin McKinley
  9. Desires of the Dead – Kimberly Derting
  10. The Candidates – Inara Scott
  11. Star Crossed – Elizabeth C. Bunce (REALLY GOOD)
  12. The Urban Fantasy Anthology – ed. Peter S. Beagle & Joe R. Lansdale (I am totally counting this a read, even though I stopped reading two of the stories halfway through because of disgusting misogyny in one and disgusting blasphemy in the other.)
  13. Blackveil – Kristen Britain (will someone please read the sequel when it comes out and just tell me what happens? I am sick of reading spoiled whiny characters and poorly edited writing just to find out if Zachary and Karigan ever bloody get together.)
  14. Liar’s Moon – Elizabeth C. Bunce
  15. Forever – Maggie Stiefvater
  16. A Matter of Profit – Hilari Bell (EVERY BOOK I have read by Hilari Bell has been amazingly insightful and unique. I will always read this woman’s books.)
  17. Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots – Abby McDonald
  18. Down These Strange Streets – ed by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois
  19. Carpathia – Matt Forbeck
  20. Thirteenth Child – Patricia C. Wrede
  21. Blood Red Road – Moira Young (GO READ THIS RIGHT NOW!)
  22. Honor’s Paradox – P.C. Hodgell
  23. Under Attack – Hannah Jayne
  24. The Grimm Legacy – Polly Schumann
  25. Echoes of Betrayal – Elizabeth Moon
  26. Delirium – Lauren Oliver
  27. Across the Universe – Beth Revis
  28. Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community – Andrew Marin*
  29. Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity – Adam Hamilton*
  30. Armed and Magical – Lisa Shearin
  31. The Trouble With Demons – Lisa Shearin
  32. Bewitched and Betrayed – Lisa Shearin
  33. Con and Conjure – Lisa Shearin
  34. Love Wins – Rob Bell* (? Do I call this nonfiction when I think his theology is shaky?)
  35. Welcome to Bordertown – ed. by Holly Black & Ellen Kushner
  36. The Five Love Languages for Singles – Gary Chapman*
  37. Gabriel: Zero Point – Steve Umstead
  38. Surrender None – Elizabeth Moon
  39. Insurgent – Veronica Roth
  40. A Bride’s Story 2 – Kaoru Mori
  41. The Sword & the Pen: A Life of Lew Wallace – Ray E. Boomhower*
  42. Grave Memory – Kalayna Price
  43. The Sleeping Doll – Jeffery Deaver
  44. The Boy from the O – Sandy Kendall
  45. Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce
  46. Once Was Lost – Sara Zarr

* nonfiction

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