Stephanie A. Cain portraitHi! You’re at the website of Stephanie A. Cain. If you’re looking for the person who publishes as Stephanie Cain (no middle initial), you will be very surprised at how different our subject matter is. :)

I write epic & urban fantasy. I’m the author of the epic fantasy series Storms in Amethir: Stormsinger, Stormshadow, and Stormseer, along with a related romance novella, The Midwinter Royal and an unrelated epic fantasy novella, Sow the Wind. I grew up in Indiana, where much of my urban fantasy is set, but unfortunately have been unable to visit Amethir or Teronn, where my epic fantasy novels are set.

I graduated from Purdue University before the turn of the (21st) century with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Creative Writing, with a Medieval Studies minor. I also have two-thirds of a Master of Library Science, but ran out of money and enthusiasm for grad school at about the same time. Despite this, my years of work in libraries were not wasted–besides having a lot of librarian friends (everyone should have at least one) I also spent a great deal of time hanging out in the stacks at 398.2, which gave rise to many of my urban fantasy stories.

I’ve attended various author fairs around Indiana and participated in a panel discussion called “Reach Your Readers: How to Survive and Thrive in the World of Self- and E-Publishing” at the Allen County Public Library Authors Fair in 2014, and “Successful Self-Publishing” in 2015. I have an ongoing blog series called “Self-Pub 101” about my journey to becoming an indie author. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Moon, Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, and Robin McKinley.

A proud crazy cat lady, I’m happily owned by Eowyn, Strider, and Eustace Clarence Scrubb. In my free time, I¬†enjoy hiking (except for the spiders), bird-watching, visiting wineries, and collecting anything with owls on it. I unwind by playing World of Warcraft and Skyrim.

I enjoy organizing things, am overly fond of 3-ring binders, and visit office supply stores for fun. I own way more movie scores and fountain pens than I can actually afford.

Standard Disclaimer: Product links on this blog may be affiliate program links, but I promise I don’t link to things I don’t love. :)

I’m trying to figure out Mastodon.

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