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Dear flist, I am sorry I am so far behind in LJ/IJ-land. I’m sorry to the people I usually chat with that I’ve been non-chatty or not around lately. I’m in my winter funk, I think. Or something. Anyway, I’m still alive, I had a “Grey Street” moment today (Hey, how did I come to this? I dream myself a thousand times around the world, but I can’t get out of this place), I’m holding my breath and praying hard about the Breakthrough Novel Contest, which I should know something about tonight or tomorrow, I believe. In the meantime, I’m revising a story that I said I would submit somewhere by 15 Jan…which is in less than five hours!

Okay, okay, so I’m going to send it in tomorrow, but I need to ask a question…I have, oddly enough, been unable to find a good answer.

How quickly would someone die if his car went into a cold river in late November in Minnesota? Would the cold of the water put his body into shock and kill him? Would he officially drown? I just want the policeman to say something realistic, that’s all.

Also, anyone from Duluth or spent more than one day there (which is all I’ve spent)? What’s a scenic beach that would have rocks for someone to pose against?

Okay, that’s all from Steph-land tonight.

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