Circle City Psychic

About the Book

Martin Cole has been home from Afghanistan for three years, and his business–a one-man garage–is going well. The problem is, his PTSD hasn’t gone away. He’s tried all the usual treatments and some of the…well, less legal treatments, despite the fact his sister’s a cop.

But he’s still having nightmares. Dreams. Visions. His world turns upside down when he meets a handsome homicide detective with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police who says the visions aren’t PTSD–they’re premonitions.

Elliott Blake is certain he’s right about Martin’s visions–he’s not just a detective, he’s also a werewolf with preternatural senses, and PTSD symptoms have a different scent than premonitions. And his case that has way too many things in common with Martin’s visions to be a coincidence.

The problem is, whoever killed Ainsley Shaw has killed again, and Elliott’s no closer to catching the killer. If he could just get Martin to trust him, they could work the case together–and maybe figure out what to do with the attraction between them.

Unfortunately, the killer has other plans…

Series: Circle City Magic, Book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Cathartes Press
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781944774028
eBook Price: 3.99
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