Klutz Attack

Today I was lying in bed around 8 am, asleep and dreaming.  In my dream, my mother had just said, “Will you get that?” of the telephone.  In the real world, our telephone began ringing. (cue spooky music)

I jumped out of bed, startled from sleep, and ran smack into the end of the door.

So I fell down, utterly stunned, one toe and one knee feeling afire, and my hip and elbow none too pleased to have just taken enough weight to create a HUGE thud that must have resounded through the house.  (Okay, I weigh 140, but seriously, that much weight with that much momentum?  THUD!)

The phone rang happily on, unaware of the fact that I was lying stunned on the floor and wondering if all my pieces were attached and if I could get up.

My eventual first attempt to get up stupidly involved putting weight on that elbow that had just kept my head from smacking the floor.  I whimpered and decided to lie there a while longer.

When I did manage to get up, I limped downstairs to the bathroom for first aid supplies, because by toe was bleeding.  Because I was still rather in shock, I peed before taking down the first aid kit.  Then I dabbed triple antibiotic ointment on my toe where the door had taken all the skin off the top, wrapped a bandaid around it, and then went in search of ice for my elbow, which was already turning purple.  Then I hobbled back upstairs and collapsed on the bed with my elbow propped on the ice pack.

Oddly enough, I don’t think the hip is going to bruise at all.  But my toe still hurts quite a lot, and the elbow won’t be leaning on any tables for a long time.

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