More productivity, of the creative variety

This week I’ve been revising and polishing another story. This one…well, I like a lot of the imagery in it, and generally speaking I like the plot, and I am in love with the setting (because hey, how often do you get to write a dark fantasy story set in the town where your mom grew up?)…

But it’s already 6,100 words long, and I don’t think I’ve really done more than scrape the surface on this villain. I have acquired a sudden fear that this story is demanding, at least, novella status. If not outright novel.

Now, that could be a good thing. It could turn into a Truthseekers, Inc. novel, loosely connected (and one state over) from the Regent’s sphere of influence. It doesn’t, however, bode well for the idea of actually, say, selling the story any time soon.


Now to mine the depths of my short story files for another piece worth cleaning up and submitting. I’m guessing it’ll be the first short story, chronologically speaking, that ties in to the Regent’s novels.

In other, more encouraging news, I’ve finally found my entry point to the Winter Challenge story. This is definitely a good thing. For that story, however, I may have more setting than I need. I had intended to tie it to the aforementioned dark fantasy/country noir story-that-demands-to-be-a-novella. I will probably still do that, but the protagonist is insisting she grew up in Perryville, Kentucky, so I’m trying to figure out how that’s going to fit in.

*grumble grumble stupid pushy protagonists grumble*

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