NaNoWriMo 2010: Day 17


I have revised my graphs down to 50k instead of 75k, because I’m going to keep hoping for 75k but right now I just want to catch up with where I should be for 50.

I made a lot of progress tonight! Just over 4300 words, and if I hadn’t had Criminal Minds on tonight, I probably would have crossed 5k for the day. Then again, I stopped on a high note, and astraea36 is going to hate me tomorrow when she gets THAT cliffhanger. :D

Sometimes what I need, obviously, is for someone to read what I have and say, “Yes, you’re doing good, keep going.” And since I was questioning my pacing, I needed someone to read a big chunk at a time and say, “No, you’re doing all right, now focus on THIS part of the plot for a while.” astraea36 has been great for daily encouragement (as have several other people who aren’t reading), and microgirl8225 gave me a kick in the pants and got me back on track today.

My writing friends are awesome. Completely awesome.

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