NaNoWriMo 2010: Day 2

Not bad, but not great. I still made forward motion, and I definitely got a better handle on Jason and Martin, who are secondary characters to Chloe. I decided to keep the first person POV, because that really gives Chloe a lot of her voice. Plus it’s sort of the convention for supernatural crime/paranormal/urban fantasy. Haven’t figured out yet if moving the setting from Indianapolis to rural Indiana is the way to go, but I’ll decide that later. Unfortunately I got too distracted by researching stupid little details like:

Would a mouthy but devout 38-year-old call Michael the Archangel “Saint Mike”? (Probably.)

Is Saint Michael, in fact, the patron saint of cops? (He is.)

Who won the Indiana Senatorial race? (Coats.)

But I got a scene written, and while I’m not quite on track for my own personal goal (75,000 words), I’m doing okay for the official NaNo wordcount. Hurrah! Of course, tomorrow I have to buckle down and write early, because Criminal Minds is on at 9 and while I’ll give up Warcraft for NaNo, I won’t give up CM.

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