NaNoWriMo 2010: Day 27

Aka “Write, bitch! Write!”

Managed to sneak in some writing at work today. Earned that “Secret Noveling” merit badge. Yippee.

It’s always strange to be writing about a minority culture that I’m not part of. I grew up with kids whose parents spoke only Spanish, so I’m not exactly writing in a void, but I’m still seeing it through a white, Protestant, lower-middle-cass filter. Of course, my main character is also seeing it through that filter, but the Hispanic friends whose daily lives I shared were back in junior high and high school. Of course I had to speak Spanish on a frequent basis in one of my past jobs as a reference librarian, but that was more professional contact than personal. There’s definitely a stronger/larger Hispanic subculture in Indiana today than there was 15 years ago.

But speaking from a completely shallow viewpoint, writing a scene about Dia de los Muertos definitely adds to your word count.

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