NaNoWriMo Characters

Here are some of the players on my stage:

Fithian Rankin – 35, nicknamed Fith

  • scion of a wealthy family (wealth comes from where?)
  • angry about the death of his mother 19 years ago
    • why did she die?
    • unnatural/mysterious death
    • curse? dark magic?
  • dabbles with Internet consulting of some sort – doesn’t necessarily need the money, but enjoys the work

Searliott Emory (well, Irish spelling of Charlotte, anyway – have to check this)

  • short fuzzy red hair, green eyes
  • damnably perky
  • claims to dream true
  • writes romance novels; has never been in love (won’t fall in love in this book)

(Rev) Boone Malady – 40

  • staunch believer in Christ
  • faith was shaken when he was in seminary (why?) and he left before ordination. has always feared the weakness in himself.
    • Doesn’t blame God for not coming through for him.
    • Blames self for not trusting God.
  • Dark brown hair, mustache, beard, with two white streaks in his beard.
  • “Rev” is a nickname bestowed upon him by the wiseass of the group, who isn’t named yet. Boone isn’t really a reverend. He fell short.
  • Very much the wise man in the group. A mentor, of sorts. A holy presence to oppose the demonic.

I’m thinking I’ve also got an Edmund in here, and a girl named Zeva Couran. I don’t know much about them yet.

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