I’ve got a huge long write-up of the Writers Police Academy I need to post, but in the meantime, I just want to register my excitement about NaNoWriMo tonight. I’ve been working on the main character since last week, and during the weekend at WPA I got some great ideas. Then today while listening to “Shasta (Carrie’s Song)” by Vienna Teng I realized what my main character’s secret is (what makes her different from other, similar heroines) and realized that “Passage” by Vienna Teng works as a great sort of theme song for the book. Then I found a fun layout example by for NaNoWriMo, and set about customizing it for my novel.

What this means is I won’t be wasting time in November doing things like making a banner or a fake novel cover. *G* I’ve already got that done. And I’ve got two songs already on the playlist too.

Next time someone asks me about writing I’m going to tell them it’s all about creative procrastination. >.>

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