On Temptation

Today’s a snow day. We got 5 inches overnight, and I cancelled my plans for today, because the county doesn’t bother plowing our roads, so I’ll be lucky to make it to my doctor appointment tomorrow, let alone get out today. I spent the morning on sorting through old files and getting rid of papers I no longer need to keep. Now I have the whole afternoon and evening stretching out ahead of me.

I ought to be writing. I’ve been struggling with something I need to write before I can call my novel revision finished, because I need to know what happens in order for the characters to reflect on it during the novel. I’ve been progressing at a snail’s pace on this story, for some reason. It’s hard. And right now, my brain is in rebellion.

Here’s what I want to do: fire up Skyrim and see if I can finish restoring the Thieves Guild to its former glory. And maybe while I’m at it, I’ll make a couple more steps towards liberating Skyrim from the Empire. And if I happen to learn another shout or two along the way, awesome. But mainly I want to see what happens with the Guild.

And what I should do: fire up Word and see if I can make any progress with the tension between my characters and the events that brought them together five years before the novel takes place. Or, barring that, maybe I should look at one of the three scenes I need to write fresh for the novel.

But man, my head is aching, and Skyrim sounds so much more appealing…

I think of all the hard parts about being a writer, the self-discipline thing is the hardest.

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