Senjy’s Where I Write Meme

Where I write
My desk

Things about the pictures:

The framed picture is an original by krycek_chick
Wolf calendar that I often forget to change
My grandma’s mockingbird ink blotter is sitting on the docking station.
The purple container is my small BPAL container.
The pink container is a brownie, yum.
That’s a fairy and a dragon on my hutch.
Look, slightlyjillian, I have Flannery O’Connor on my desk!

In the closeup:

Computer wallpaper is by the_mountaineer.
My desktop has a clear plastic blotter-mat-thing under which I put fun things, including:
Christmas art by karasu_hime, a picture of me and thesnapelyone, a 1997 moon-phase calendar, a list of LJ friend birthdays in Sept & Oct, a KoL bumper sticker, art of my characters by krycek_chick, a picture OF krycek_chick, the “AND WHAT MANNER OF JACKASSERY MUST WE PUT UP WITH TODAY?!” Non Sequitur, a picture of me and some other costumed people at the HBP release, and a picture of U2 from my U2 iPod box.

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