Get Stormshadow free on Digital Book Day!

Everyone loves getting a free book, right? Well, what about lots of free books? Even better! So get your mouse-clicking finger in shape and check out Digital Book Day this coming Monday!

Digital Book Day square logo

Author CJ Lyons decided it was time to free the Bastille books for a day, so she organized Digital Book Day as a place for all kinds of authors to offer a single title for free for one day only.

My book Stormshadow will be available there, as will my friend Laura’s book Con Job and many, many others. As I write this (several days in advance) there are almost 300 titles there in genres ranging from science fiction and fantasy to romance to mystery/thriller to nonfiction to historical to young adult to general fiction. It’s pretty safe to say there’s probably something for everyone.

So go browse, but the links won’t be live until tomorrow, and tomorrow only!


ETA: Hopefully Stormshadow will be there. I just realized my application didn’t go through and I had to try again, but it was after the deadline to sign up. I’m hoping it will work.


ETA2: Actually looks like their servers are overloaded today, so download the PDF here.

Invalid download ID.


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