Stymied by the climax

According to my novel outline, I’m 9 scenes away from finishing the novel revision. And I’m stuck at the scene that takes place right before the major showdown. I have to get Character C and Villain A to a certain physical location and set the scene for the showdown to come… And I can’t seem to find the right entry point to this scene. Character C is at the end of his rope, heartsick at what’s been demanded of him throughout the novel, and terrified of what he’s going to have to do next. And for whatever reason, I absolutely cannot find the right tone for him in this scene.

I’m going to make another attempt at the scene tonight. I spent last night setting up a new Windows 8 laptop and playing with Skype for the first time ever. (Skype scared me. It still sort of scares me, but I think I’ll get used to it.) It just occurred to me that I’ve set the computer up with almost all my necessary software–except Skyrim–without using a single disc. Technology blows my mind.

And I managed to get Christmas cards and presents in the mail today. This is an accomplishment, since last year my Christmas presents got mailed…sometime in the summer? Yeah.

So time to knuckle down and get to writing.


  1. Laura VanArendonk Baugh

    Ugh! Hate that. I like terrified and heartsick — I’m a sick person — but I hate not being able to leap into the next scene.

    I love that Skyrim is “necessary software.” :)

    • I like my characters being terrified and heartsick! Not being that way myself. ;) But yeah, this next scene…It’s…it’s…crawwwwwwling. I think last night’s attempt worked, but it still needs help.

  2. I know this feeling. I had my characters literally up against a wall and had no idea to get them around it. My solution? The earth quaked, the wall broke, and they walked through. You’ll figure out what works best. Keep Writing!

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