Word Count: 10133

W00t! I have passed the 10000 word barrier today! Only four days late, of course, and I am still 5000 words behind, but at least today I managed to sit down and write! I had some great ideas Friday about the Sidhe, and today I managed to name the Leanan-Sidhe (Taidgh, which is pronounced like the beginning of “tiger”, and is an Irish name that means “Honours God”). I also changed Cedric’s name to Tristan, which made him ecstatic, not to mention much easier to write. I am rather tired, and have a slight headache, and I’ve already taken Excedrin PM in preparation for going to bed. I can’t believe the weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. And I even had a long weekend, as I called in sick Friday because of that lousy headache.

Oh, well.

Also had a wonderful conversation with slightlyjillian today. We talked for about two and a half hours, mostly about my novel that she’s reading (not the November novel). That was great fun.

I’ve felt slightly strange all day today–like I’m a bit lightheaded, or maybe just a bid disoriented. Could be because I haven’t eaten much all day, or could be that I’ve been off the Lexapro for several days because I ran out and was too stupid to go and pick more up Friday when I could have. Argh.

I wrote 3396 words today, and made out several more index cards, which has proven a great way to keep characters straight, and record ideas and motivations as they occur to me. I may have to use the index card plotting method for my other novels, though of course it may be difficult to condense those well-established characters to index cards. Heh.


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