Word Count: 11,620

I know I didn’t get quite as many words written tonight as I wanted. Oh well, I nearly made it to 1000. I unfortunately got side-tracked by many things. However, one exciting thing that happened tonight, while I was reading up on all the different dogs in Faerie (and scaring myself silly, I might add)–I found my link between Celtic mythology and Dante! Wah-la, as slightlyjillian would say. That link is Youdic, an entrance to hell that is located in the northwestern region of Brittany. Okay, so it is Celtic France, so what? Who cares if most of the rest of the stuff I’m using is Irish, with a sprinkling of Scottish and Welsh? I wanted a link to Dante, I’ve got one!

*yawns hugely*

Man. I HAVE to go to bed.

I am using index cards on my novel. It is officially more organized than any paper I ever wrote for school. Ever.

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