NaNo tools and tricks

If you’re doing NaNo and you’re against the wall, go look at nano_icons.  It won’t get rid of your writer’s block, but it will amuse you.  That’s where I got my latest crop of NaNo and writing icons, including this one.  Hee.

IcyHot has made these funky sleeves you can wear to ice your wrists.  I like them muchly (they’re like my armwarmers, only with fewer safety pins *grin* ) except they stink to high heaven.  God is holding his nose up there saying, “Stephanie, throw that away!”  But my wrist doesn’t hurt as much now.

Yeah, that’s all.  Going to go downstairs for a snack and to look for the Aurora Borealis, and then maybe write one more scene in the novel.

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