Join My Advance Release Team!

I’m close to having a release date for Circle City Psychic! To celebrate, I’m setting up a mailing list for people who want to be part of the Cainiacs Advance Release Team.

What does that mean? Essentially, if you’re interested in helping me tell others about the next book, I’m willing to send you fun stuff. I ask you to write an honest blog post or Amazon review about my book. I might also ask you to share things on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and other social networks.

What I offer advance release team members:

  • early access
  • free uncorrected e-ARCs of my books
  • social media images to share

What I ask of advance release team members:

  • write an honest review of my book on Amazon and/or Goodreads (Amazon preferred)
  • help spread the word online about my book release
  • tell people about my books

You’ll be a good fit for the advance release team if you do any of the following:

  • have a blog
  • review books on Goodreads or Amazon
  • post about books on Facebook
  • are a Booktuber
  • are active on social media
  • work in a library or bookstore
  • love telling people about books you love

This isn’t limited to people with blogs. What I’m really looking for folks who at the very minimum will write a quick, honest review of my book and be ready to post it on Amazon the day the book releases. I’ll give you at least two weeks to read the book. The review doesn’t have to be more than a couple of sentences, but it should be honest. While five-star reviews are nice, I want to know I’ve earned them by my writing, not by giving you a free book.

Does that sound like something you can do? If so, join the Cainiacs!


Cainiacs Advance Team Members and Patreon supporters will always have a first look at book covers when they’re ready!


  1. You join how?

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