October 9 Reading at Main Street Books in Lafayette


Stephanie A. Cain epic fantasy reading October 9 at Main Street Books in Lafayette, Indiana

I’m super excited about an event coming up next week! I’ll be giving a reading and talk at Main Street Books in Lafayette, Indiana. This is different from some of the signings I’ve done in Lafayette before in that I’ll actually be giving a short reading and talk beforehand, and then doing a Q & A and signing books at the end.

WHEN: Friday, October 9 at 6 p.m.

WHERE: Main Street Books, 426 Main Street, Lafayette (765-464-6794)

Check out the event page on Facebook and RSVP!

I’d love it if you come out to see me! You’re welcome to bring copies of my books that you already have, but if you do, please come a little bit early and look for another book to buy. Main Street Books is generously hosting this event at their own expense, and I would love to thank them by bringing business to their store!


  1. How did your event go last Friday? I’m in North Carolina so I couldn’t make it.
    I found you via the platform challenge. Your writing sounds interesting – I love strong female characters and share your definition of strong = strength of character not slash and bash.

    Janet Hartman

    • Hi Janet! It’s nice to meet you! I am so far behind on the platform challenge–I really need to catch up. The event went really well — I had a decent-sized crowd and had a good time chatting with everyone. It’s still a blast when someone I don’t know buys one of my books. :)

      I confess, my female characters still tend to lean more to the kicking butt end of the spectrum, but I also have characters who prefer books and music over fighting. I understand why people want female characters who are physically strong, but since I’m a bookish, nerdy kind of person, I also think it’s important to have characters whose strength lies in the mental or emotional spectrum. :)

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