Storms in Amethir Maps

I recently had a Twitter conversation with Nat Russo and Jackson Dean Chase about Campaign Cartographer 3, which reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post maps of Amethir and other countries in my Storms in Amethir series. (I’ve been meaning to do that since Laura VanArendonk Baugh and I had a mapping work session almost a month ago!)

These maps aren’t complete. There are areas of the world I haven’t mapped, and there are areas in the mapped sections that aren’t complete. So you can expect me to update them from time to time as the series continues.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck, playing in Campaign Cartographer with the mapping gives me ideas–ideas for new stories, ideas for events in current stories. Sometimes it even answers questions I didn’t know I had. I knew why the kingdoms of Tamnen and Strid  were fighting over the Kreyden District, but I didn’t know how that would impact the inhabitants of the region until I started looking at the geography, for instance.

Amethir and Ranarr

Map of Amethir from Stormsinger and Stormshadow by Stephanie A. Cain


Front Map from Stormshadow

Stormshadow map



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