What I’ve Been Reading: April 2018

The cover of Dread Nation by Justine Ireland: A black girl with her hair in braids stands with her back to the viewer, a bloody sickle in her hand and the US flag behind her.

Back in January, I blogged about what I’d been reading lately. I wanted to post an update with some more books I’ve loved recently. I’m going back to February and March for some of these. Just to recap my reading goals for 2018, I want to read at least 50…

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3 Japanese Female Fantasy Writers You Should Read

Cover of Moribito by Nahoko Uehashi; a Japanese woman in warrior garb holds a boy in one arm and a sword in another. She is looking off to her right. A Torii gate stands behind them.

So yesterday was the cover reveal of Dream Eater and today I have a guest post from K. Bird Lincoln, the author of Dream Eater! K. Bird Lincoln is an ESL professional and writer living on the windswept Minnesota Prairie with family and a huge addiction to frou-frou coffee. Also dark chocolate–without which, the…

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