Happy Book Birthday to The Weather War!

Who’s ready for The Weather War? I know I am! I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of the novel. It’s been quite a journey trying to get this just right–but I am one-hundred-percent confident that, by delaying the release of the novel, I’ve made The Weather War the best novel it…

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Storms in Amethir Omnibus Available Today!

Storms in Amethir Books 1-3 Omnibus

My Storms in Amethir Books 1-3 Omnibus is available today! To everyone who’s already pre-ordered it, thank you–this is going to be my best release day yet because of you! To everyone who hasn’t ordered it yet, you’ve only got a few more days to get the omnibus at the $.99…

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NaNo Minus One-Ten and Counting

…so this happened. Pirate is my default at Halloween. I think it’s because pirates can be pretty and fierce at the same time. And also pretty fierce. Also, it’s remarkably easy to be a pirate with stuff I already have, which says something about my wardrobe choices. Anyway, being a…

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