After a visit from author Colleen Coble at my library this weekend, I’ve joined American Christian Fiction Writers. Unfortunately the site doesn’t seem to be loading this morning, but I did get an email from them telling them my application had been accepted, so hopefully this week I’ll be spending some time exploring the members-only sections. My braces come off this week and I’m having oral surgery to begin the last phase of fixing my teeth, so I should have some down time.

I’ve been looking at The Loyalty Factor again, partly at slightlyjillian’s urging. I’m going to set myself a fairly easy goal for right now: 5,000 words a week. It doesn’t seem like much, considering during NaNoWriMo I sometimes write as much in a single day. But since I’m stuck working full-time at the moment, I figure it’s a good way to ease myself back into disciplined writing.

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