NaNo day 5 & 6

I’m not even talking about today, because I haven’t written yet today.

I took yesterday off. I had a headache and was exhausted and just decided not to stress over it. I have the weekend ahead of me and that’s my best writing time for NaNo. Of course, I woke up with the headache still, but hopefully it won’t be too persistant.

Thursday I had a decent day. Didn’t quite hit my daily quota, but still made progress.

7419 / 50000 words. 15% done!

So I’m not kicking ass the way I used to in the early years of NaNo, but I’m plodding along, and a Twitter friend poked me with Neil Gaiman’s NaNo peptalk at just the right moment to persuade me to write more one night. I’ve got my first scenes set in the past written, and I’m no longer as afraid as I was of doing those, though it’s hard to say how well I’ll do representing the Roaring Twenties, which will be my next scene-in-the-past.

In fact I have yet to research how 1920s America would treat a Society woman who refused to marry or name the father of her two children. >.> Priscilla’s a maverick, but I don’t want her to be unrealistic. Heh.


  1. Sounds super interesting.
    My great-great (more greats) grandmother was a pastor in IL. Until the church kind of was concerned they were doing something wrong. So to appease the worry, she wrote the sermons–and my great-great (more greats) grandfather read them.
    So is she a complete maverick or does she make concessions?
    Hah. Don’t know if that’s helpful or not.

    • Oooh! Well, she was a maverick, but she was a realist about the times she was living in. *G*
      Somewhat relatedly, I found out this morning that Starved Rock has a huge population of wintering bald eagles every year, so I think I’ll be getting the parents (or Mom at least) over there this winter. LOL

      • I’ve been there a couple of times, but not under ideal circumstances–both times I wasn’t interested in much except the story of the missionaries who would take boats through the water and Lovers Leap ledge. I’ve become smarter as I get older, I think.

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