Storms in Amethir Omnibus Available Today!

My Storms in Amethir Books 1-3 Omnibus is available today!

To everyone who’s already pre-ordered it, thank you–this is going to be my best release day yet because of you! Storms in Amethir Books 1-3 OmnibusTo everyone who hasn’t ordered it yet, you’ve only got a few more days to get the omnibus at the $.99 price. After this weekend, the price will go up to its regular $5.99. That’s still a significant savings over the $9.96 regular price of buying each book individually, but who doesn’t like a deal, right?

I decided to include everything published so far in the omnibus, so you get The Midwinter Royal (set 30 years before the main trilogy), Teeth in Their Song (about Arama, set 15 years before the main trilogy), Stormsinger, Stormshadow, Stormseer, and “Arama, Awakened,” a short story/deleted scene set during Stormshadow. I love Arama and Lozarr, and I wanted to explore their relationship a little more, so that gave me the perfect opportunity.

If you want to grab the omnibus today, here are links!



What’s next on my plate? Well, I’m working on The Weather War, and next week I’ll share a little snippet of the book with blog readers. I’m hoping to have a release date to announce sometime in February.

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