Words written: 5200.
Scenes: edited Michael & General Costelle, Gabriel/Kamisa, Jon/Bria (eek)

Though this is slightly misleading, as the scene between Michael and Costelle is an earlier scene that I went back and edited for continuity, and the scene between Gabriel and Kamisa is one from Draft 4 that I edited somewhat for Draft 5.

But the Jon and Bria scene, that’s all new, and sort of scary. My characters are going off and doing their own thing again, the cheeky buggers. I am counting on slightlyjillian to tell me if I’m off and running with a tangent, or if this will work into the plot properly. I think it will, but it may require a long drawn-out IM session before she and I hash this out. ^_^

So if we’re being technical, I only WROTE 2016 words tonight. Only (haha).

I’m quite pleased, actually. Plus, I’ve reached the point where a lot of my work is going to be editing scenes from Draft 4 instead of writing totally new stuff. This is good news for me. I’ll still be interspersing scenes original to Draft 5, but it still means a lot less work for me, I think. I hope.

Now I just need to get on that submission to TOR of For the Grace Go I. But as I mentioned last night, that requires a bit of editing, too. Eek. Why do I have to have a day job? Why can’t I just write?


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