Word Count: 5943

Words today: 1337

Not bad. It’s still 1663 short of my aspiration, but that’s okay. I’m counting this as November 5’s words, even though it’s officially November 6 now. I got my second wind sometime around midnight, and just kept writing.

I spent much of a pointless meeting today plotting the next several scenes of the novel. I’m pretty sure that helped me get down to writing this next scene. And hey! I’ve crossed the 5000 word threshold – I’m over 10% to my goal! ^_^

I started making index cards for the characters. I think it’s nice to be able to shuffle them and connect them differently. Ooh, I am learning all sorts of plotting tricks by doing NaNoWriMo. Some of these should be applicable to my other novels.

Sleepy. Going to bed now.

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