Book Review: Book Marketing Is Dead

Cover of book titled Book Marketing Is Dead by Derek Murphy

How do you market a self-published book into a best-seller? Start with the absolute best book you can produce. This isn’t really a new idea–marketing experts have long been touting the importance of having a good cover design, professional editing, and excellent back copy–but it doesn’t end there. Author Derek…

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Book Rec: FAE – anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish

Book reviews aren’t my mainstay here on the blog, but I like to tell people about books I enjoyed, and I have to say that FAE is one of my favorite reads this summer. I read it just after it released, and weeks later, some of the stories are still sticking with…

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Trailer for FOREVER

Cannot wait for m_stiefvater’s next book, Forever, to hit shelves! Check out this gorgeous stop-animation book trailer. And she wrote that hauntingly beautiful music for it too! You can pre-order the book here at Fountain Bookstore. I’ll be doing that myself very shortly. :)

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