Giftmas Guest Post by Pamela Q. Fernandes

Shining a Light

This year our Giftmas theme has been shining a light. And it reminds me so much of the verse from John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” There’s a great darkness enveloping our world. You see it the news and the constant sadness of murder, disease, terror, and death. This has left us in a dark place. I’m amazed at how many people have become bitter with politics, agoraphobic due to terrorism and fearful of a world outside the four walls of their home, quick to judge and condemn. Life has become unpredictable. You go out to work and you’re not sure if you will make it back home alive.

Light Of Christmas

Yet, at Christmas with all the lights and carols, an eternal sense of hope springs forth and it reminds us of the light that can overcome this darkness in our world. It’s when the Christmas lights come on and the world is softer, more beautiful. While underreported, hundreds of meals will be given to the hungry, clothing drives will clothe the cold, benefactors will dip into their wallets and donate to the less fortunate, people will buy a cup of coffee for the people behind them and children will be kinder because they want to be on Santa’s good list. Somehow in this season of giving, a light as bright as the Star of David shines and helps us overcome our pain, suffering, fear, and worries about the future.

Tea light candles glow in rows - Giftmas 2017 - Shining a Light

Shine A Light

In order to overcome the darkness, I urge you to shine a light on the true givers and do-gooders in your own neighborhood. Most of these people do thankless jobs. They will not appear in any magazine or receive any recognition, yet they do work that goes above and beyond a job, risking their own lives in some cases. They are heroes whom we take for granted. They will never have a TV show or appear on the red carpet even though they are the rockstars that make our society tick. Some of them are your local firemen, fishermen, farmers, nurses, doctors, garbage collectors, bus and train drivers, teachers, postal workers and the list could go on. These are everyday people whom we never thank. Spread some light with these people, through a simple Christmas card or a gift card, or a Christmas confection, a handwritten note, or even a gift. Don’t analyze the receiver, just give what you can and spread the light of Christmas by being kind. I’m going to give small knick-knacks with a handwritten card/note this year. It’s my way of showing some gratitude.

Light Overcomes Darkness

This has been a tough year. The economy has faltered, jobs have been hard to come by, inflation has been on the rise and plenty of people including myself have struggled. But that shouldn’t stop us from shining the light. Ruth Carter Stapleton said, “Christmas is truly Christmas when we celebrate by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” You can spread the light in two ways, either be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Don’t be overcome by fear and pessimism, for the light overcomes the darkness. I request you to donate to our Christmas endeavor! Have a wonderful, magical and Joyeux Noel! God bless you all and Thank you for your generosity!


Blue and white Giftmas 2017 logo for the blog tour to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank

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