NaNoWriMo Survey

So I made a survey for Wrimos to start sharing tidbits of their novels – or start thinking about tidbits of the novel!  I didn’t have some of these answers until I filled it out myself. ^_~  Anyway, behind the cut, for your reading pleasure, is my NaNo survey.

Main Character
Name Edmund Ombry
Gender Male
Age Seems: 32  Actually: 82
Occupation Writer
Hobbies Horseback riding, lurking, keeping secrets
Physical description Black hair, dark blue-purple eyes, prone to smirking, dresses in black, fades into shadows, supremely confident
Likes Cats, horses, nighttime, coffee
Dislikes Mornings, people, dogs
Name Memnyss, aka She, aka The Lady of Twilight
Gender Female
Age immortal — 500 or more
Occupation UnSeelie Noblewoman
Hobbies Toying with human men, seduction, Gloating
Physical description Pale skin, long black hair, slanted silver-grey eyes, dark red lips, pointed ears, unearthly beauty, smoky sultry chiming voice
Likes Being worshipped, deception, winning; sometimes–her son Roland
Dislikes Edmund Ombry, the Regent, restrictions
Name Appleblossom
Gender Female
Age 100 or so
Occupation Dryad
Hobbies Dancing, singing, conversing with trees, helping people, following Roland
Physical description Skinny, knobby-kneed, short light pink hair streaked with darker red, gamine, nut-brown skin
Genre Fantasy
Sub-genre (if applicable) Urban fantasy
Theme Reunion, redemption
Subplots Romance

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