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Continuing on from last week’s post, I’m going to answer a few more of Bethany A. Jennings‘ March #WIPJoy questions. There are a few spoilers here for my book Stormseer, so if you haven’t read that and don’t want to be spoiled, I’d suggest skipping the rest of this blog post. :)

18. Are your characters brave in any ways you wish you were?

Sure. They’re brave about facing physical danger even when they’re afraid. They’re brave enough to follow their convictions, no matter the cost. They’re brave enough to choose their duty over their own desires. They’re brave enough to leave everything that’s familiar to them to pursue their passions. Aren’t those all things everyone wishes they were brave enough to do? I try to be brave in those ways, but there are plenty of times I choose to watch another episode of Teen Wolf instead of writing for 45 minutes–that’s not exactly choosing duty over desire, is it?

19. Has writing this book made you braver?

That’s an interesting question. I guess in one way it has, because I deal with some very complicated relationships in this book, and I know the direction I take some of these relationships may not be popular. It may tick some people off. People who have read the three books that come before know that Azmei and Vistaren’s relationship has a lot of roadblocks to navigate. I look forward to seeing what readers think of how that relationship grows and changes in this novel.

20. Share a line about a cool setting.

Kinnet Ardelis lives in a huge stone lighthouse, sometimes alone and sometimes with her wife. I haven’t had an opportunity to really describe the lighthouse yet, because the first time we see it, Kinnet is leaving it on a rescue mission. But this is how Kinnet relates to her island light.

The surf pounded against the island. She felt it in her feet, and she could feel it in her pulse. The sun warmed her shoulders, though it wasn’t very high yet. It was a beautiful day, the sea flat and calm around her island, the sky empty of clouds. But it wouldn’t last.

21. Share a line that makes you smile.


22. Share a line that makes you feel the pain.

Early in the novel, General Lozarr Algot is sent on a relief mission after a storm anomaly hits the coast. Shortly after arriving, he has an encounter with a very angry young man.

“Treason!” Faran Ebb slapped his hand against his desk. “Treason is a breaking of faith. But there can be no breaking of faith if it is already broken. My father is dead, General. The king and his stormwitches gave us no warning. We had no time to prepare. So my father was down at the docks when the storm hit, helping our folk secure their boats and their catches.”


23. Share an intense line.

Yar has been sent as a prophet to the empire of Amethir. His first impression on the king isn’t exactly a good one.

“This is what Dragon Xellax says.” Yar strode forward, one hand outstretched. Azmei’s heart began pounding. He made a compelling vision of a prophet. “You are waking the gods, Amethir. Dread forces threaten you.” He pushed his outstretched arm to the side. “Turn aside from your path.”

24. Share a line about love.

One of the most difficult decisions my protagonist is going to have to make is what to do about her arranged marriage, considering she’s in love with someone else. Early in the novel, she has this exchange with the man she loves.

Hawk sighed and looked back out at the water. “Life has never been easy, Az. Why would it start now?”

She squeezed her eyes shut, pretending they weren’t stinging with tears. “Because I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you,” she whispered. “That ought to mean something.”

She felt his arms go around her, pulling her against his chest. “It does,” he said, his voice choked. “More than you can imagine. I’m just not sure if life really gives a damn.”

25. Share a line that amuses you.

Arama’s not good at relationships. Her reactions to romance always make me giggle.

Thank the gods. Arama could use a distraction from romance, and blowing up a Strid ship would answer well.

26. Share a line that wrings your heart.

These lines wring my heart mostly because I’ve written a short story about the last storm anomaly that happened in Amethir–the one they’re talking about here.

The last anomaly anyone experienced was fifteen years ago.” His voice dripped with a mixture of disbelief and condescension, and Azmei’s heart sank at the way the king was nodding.

Vistaren sucked in a loud breath. “Ask Arama Dzornaea how she feels about that anomaly!” he shouted. “Ask Lijka Ardelis how she felt about it!”

This hurts because I know what Arama and Lijka lost in that anomaly. Hopefully you’ll get to read that story soon–I have it on submission with a couple of markets right now. :)

I’ll be back next with with the rest of my March #WIPJoy answers!


  1. I just finished your little tale, Teeth in Their Song, which you hint toward here. I really liked it, the action of the storm and the fight with the sirens were both well done!
    (On a side note, I tried sending you an email, but was told the address was not working. Don’t know if it was on my end or yours.)

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