Epic fantasy novella Sow the Wind now available!

I’m pleased to announce that my epic fantasy novella Sow the Wind is now available for Amazon Kindle! I’ll also have print editions available soon.To Sow the Wind Cover Small


Eighteen-year-old Gabriel Malnythe should be training for his inheritance as a warrior nobleman. Instead, he dreams of entering the clergy and devoting his life to philosophy. But fever takes the lives of his two brothers and Gabriel is pushed towards a decision he thought he could avoid. Should he accept his rightful place in the Elite Corps as one of Prince Justin’s guards and advisors? Or can he find a way to escape what others see as his duty?

Each path demands a high price. If Gabriel refuses the Elite Corps, he may lose the Prince’s trust. But if he joins the Elite Corps, he fears he will lose himself.

Click the cover to buy it!

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